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New Book -- The Future of Learning

Why Create Mediocre "Mind Prisons"™ When You Can Unleash Real Learning, Genius, and Results in 3-5 Days?

  • Imagine learning a foreign language in 3 to 5 days. No memorizing, note taking, textbooks, homework, nor any punishment. Just learning quickly, easily, and it's fun...
  • Picture a class where teachers are responsible, and accountable, for learning. Where students do not sit around passively listening; instead they take action and participate in applied learning.
  • Now imagine escaping the Mind Prison™ of traditional schooling where students are forced to memorize needless facts.  Step into the future today, where students experience “freedom of mind” and are excited to learn.
  • By following the Michel Thomas Method, students of all ages get excited about learning. They learn more, retain more, and with this skill can better adapt and change to the swift economic currents of the 21st century.
  • Experience and FEEL the joys of real learning.

The Authors' Journey to Uncover "The Future of Learning"

“Education has become such a big national issue and I haven’t seen one single thing done that would really improve our educational system. Nowhere is there an indication that we should look at the way we teach, or find an innovative way to teach.”
Michel Thomas, creator of the Michel Thomas Method.

This book is about a magnificent journey that began in 1997. At that time, a mutual acquaintance, who attended one of the modeling trainings we had conducted several years previously, began talking to us about an incredible educator who was able to teach a foreign language in as little as 3-5 days. His name was Michel Thomas...

Of course, it sounded too good to be true. After all, within our current educational system, it takes years to learn a foreign language. In fact, most people never are able to actually speak and read the language, because they keep on trying to memorize.

For years my husband/partner, Wyatt, and I have been modeling experts (determining how they do what they do) and conducting our own research on learning and creativity, so we were obviously intrigued by all that we were hearing and wanted to know more. It seemed so outside of the realm of reality that someone could actually teach a person to speak a foreign language proficiently in what seemed to be nanoseconds, that we agreed it would be a fascinating modeling project on which to work.

Connecting to Michel and The Truth About Learning Quickly

The process of connecting with Michel Thomas was a long one, given our mutually busy schedules. In addition, Michel was a cautious man and we had to gain his trust and approval before beginning.

It seems that over the years, Michel had been reluctant to share the secrets of his method with anyone for fear of having others steal them. In fact, he had mentioned to us on several occasions that there were individuals who were trying to learn his secrets and then announce them to the world as their own. Meanwhile, academia was not reacting in a favorable way, insisting that what Michel was doing was outright impossible.

We all knew that it was of utmost importance to “capture” his method while he was still here with us. A sense of urgency had taken over. Finally, in 2001, we had the pleasure of meeting Michel, whom we call the Master Teacher; and the wonderfully intriguing and enriching journey through Michel’s mind began.

Urgency to Make the Impossible...Possible!

Up until then, Michel was not ready to reveal his method. Then suddenly, it was obvious that a similar sense of urgency had come over Michel as well. He realized that the time had come to share his cherished method, that he could no longer keep this invaluable gift to himself.

And now, after hours and hours of elicitation as part of our proprietary modeling process,

  • after days and days of questions and answers,

  • after the joyous experience of being a student of Michel’s in order to go through a personalized learning experience with him (also to have the experience from another perspective, as professional modelers),

  • after weeks of synthesis and after reviewing hundreds of pages of notes, and

  • after analyzing the data we amassed and reviewing the recordings of our many elicitations of Michel, we created the model — finally, we now have the great joy of presenting Michel’s incredible method to the world — at the exact time that it was meant to be revealed.

It has been several years since the initial manuscript was completed with Michel’s heartfelt and enthusiastic stamp of approval just months before his passing; and we are grateful that he was then still among us to approve and to see firsthand how our modeling process would transfer his expertise and “wisdom of practice” to the world with this book.

Discover The Future of Learning

    The "Future of Learning" is the only book about the Michel Thomas Method personally approved by Michel Thomas himself.

  • Discover why Michel Thomas attracted a clientele that comprised a veritable "Who's Who of Hollywood, Business, and Politics" including celebrities such as Barbra Streisand and Princess Grace of Monaco, and many more who were fortunate to learn with the Master Teacher...
  • Now you have that same opportunity to learn from the Method he left for you.


  • Now you can discover the true secrets of the Master Teacher.

  • If you are a parent, imagine how you can empower your children with the Michel Thomas Method. What if your child could learn quickly? How much would that improve his or her chances for success?

  • If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to create a culture of learning. By applying the methods in this book, you may find the hidden results you have been looking for...with your current employees!

  • If you are in education, this book will open up new possibilities for you and your classes. Improve their results and you improve their lives.

  • Michel's method was a vital part of his mission to "change the world," and his timely message is directed to all those who care about the future of our children, and hence, the future of our world.

Learning does not have to be hard. It is fun. It is effortless. We hope you enjoy it.

Marilyne Woodsmall



About the Authors

Marilyne Woodsmall, Ph.M., and Wyatt Woodsmall, Ph.D., are renowned behavioral modelers, international trainers, and experts in human typological research. For two decades they have synthesized their expertise and research in the areas of performance enhancement, learning and creativity, leadership, management, science, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and cultural change.

These highly respected international trainers conduct trainings internationally, including entrepreneurship, creativity, learning, leadership, values, culture-shaping, negotiations, coaching, performance enhancement for children, and NLP trainings.

Their trainings, books, and workshops are part of The CLWF Institute for Global Leadership (The Children of Light and Wisdom Foundation, Inc.) whose mission is to develop enlightened global leaders capable of critical thinking, using new educational models and innovative technologies from different fields.

New Release

The Future of Learning - The Michel Thomas Method -  by Marilyne Woodsmall and Wyatt Woodsmall

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The Michel Thomas Method has been used for over 50 years to help people all over the world learn including:

Barbra Streisand

Woody Allen

Princess Grace of Monaco

Candice Bergen

Mel Gibson

Melanie Griffith

Bill Murray

Emma Thompson

Raquel Welch

Sophia Coppola

Pierce Brosnan

And many more who learned directly from the Master Teacher.